Monday, 21 December 2009

A few bits

Can you believe I am still being royally messed about by fluishness? Had three days off work last week. Am struggling to hear out of one or other ear at any given time. Use the opportunity to whisper about me but for the love of GOD, don't try and tell me anything important in hushed tones.

It's been snowing, as it has everywhere, but looks like it's stopped and is beginning to melt. Have been most amused by seeing my friends fall over in the snow, and if that makes me a bad person, so be it!

In other news, I have *attempted* to put an ad in the yellow pages. Pending.

Guin, now. Ah, Guin. I am beginning to worry about Guin. He is a troublesome sod. I'm hoping he'll turn out right in the end but at the moment he's mucking me about and being a little bastard. Oh well, I've got over a week to give him a bit of a kick.

Oh, and Happy Christmas!

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