Saturday, 5 December 2009

Bit depressed, really.

I’ve been thinking about life quite a bit recently.

The thing of it is that if you don’t believe in God, and you don’t believe in fate or destiny, what is there? I work an eight to five job five days a week. I’m bored at work and wish entire days away. When I get home I’m too tired to do anything constructive and I spend my weekends sleeping or listening to gothic metal so I can pretend I‘m the hero of some kind of epic quest, when really I‘m popping out for milk.

So I have started to wonder what it is we are here for and what it is we are supposed to do. The sad conclusion I came to, pessimistic atheist that I am, was that we aren’t here for anything. Which is a little disconcerting to say the least. We as a people are a tiny, insignificant and purposeless collection of dots on a planet orbiting one of an infinite number of suns in a space so large it is beyond our comprehension.

And I have a cold.

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