Sunday, 22 November 2009

Same old same old.

Still doing Nanowrimo. Meh. It isn't that I'm sick of it because I am enjoying doing it very much, it's more that I'm concerned it's an enormous pile of tripe...

Still, on 42K as of this evening, so only 8 more to go!:o

Just had a nice long weekend, had Friday off from work so it's been lie-ins a go-go!

Not looking forward to getting up early tomorrow, but what can you do? Am feeling a bit meh about everything at the moment, work, life, bleh. Still, I'm sure I'll cheer up soon, I always do.

Slightly depressing blog here, sorry about that, best keep it short in that case. Will update on Nanowrimo shortly when I've passed the 50K mark; hopefully in 4 days!

See the link below for my Nanowrimo page, click the stats tab for an awesome Dave Gorman-esque graph :D

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