Monday, 14 September 2009


Well! I tweeted (yes, tweeted -get me!) at some point last weekend that I was too ashamed and embarassed to blog because I didn't really have anything to blog about. Yeah, I'd been doing little bits of work here and there but nothing that really amounted to anything. Well.

On Sunday I spent the afternoon working on illustrations and links for the website, and before I knew it they were all done! Sure, they need cropping and jpeg-ing and saving and organising and whatnot, but the actual hard thinky bit it is all done! It would seem that the little bits here and there added up without me realising and yeah, shazam, tis done! Website-wise nothing will be actually going online for a good while yet. Being as I am almost completely HTML-illiterate, I can do nothing without N's help and the schedule isn't clear until mid next week. This does however give me over a week to proof everything and hopefully get a bit nearer finishing two more shorts and planning teh big storeh.

So it's all very exciting! Also in the pipeline is designing business cards and postcards to send out when I start promoting, but I'm already stuck on what to put on them. How do you sell yourself without sounding like a smug idiot? Answers on a freshly designed postcard...

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