Sunday, 27 September 2009

Websitey things

Yeah yeah so all I ever do is go on about the website. I'm a website BORE. Well, hopefully not for too much longer! It's pretty much almost nearly done! Yay! I've put it all together on dreamweaver, it works (yay) and all it's waiting for is two stories I haven't finished yet and a re-jigged chapter one of TEH BIG STOREH. And I am going to start working on those things this evening. Sort of now, really. So that's all very exciting. Feeling a lot better about it all now.

In other news , mostly to show I do other things than go to work and talk about my website, I went to my first ever gig yesterday. It was a weird mix of indie stuff, weird stuff and thrashy metally stuff. It was really good! It wasn't heaving, but there were five different acts on and I pretty much blanket liked them all. My faves were White on White (who gave me two free CDs, yay!) and Nightvision, who everyone knows are awesome. They were the highlight of the night and there was loads of headbanging. I think it's a sign that I'm an outsider to the whole metal scene that I find several people headbanging next to each other funny. And that I find it even funnier watching burly men headbanging into the centre of a circle they've created by linking arms. Is it wrong I hoped they'd crack heads?

I got trampled by groupies despite their being loads of room (there weren't many people there) and come ON, an apology and STOPPING DOING IT would've been nice...
But I'm starting to sound bitter (rather than just squashed and trodden on) and it really was loads of fun.

So back on to my hobby horse, hopefully the site will be finished soon, I've given myself a deadline of the end of October to finish it, which is do-able, I reckon. That means after that I have less than two months to meet the *TEH BIG STOREH first draft finished by Xmas* deadline. Which is distinctly less do-able... I'm extending it to the end of the year and crossing my fingers...

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