Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Things I've done.

It has been ages (literally, decades or eons or something) since I did a non-i-phone blog entry. And typing is SO MUCH EASIER on a keyboard than a phone, even if it IS qwerty.

Well, I did a bunch of stuff. All images for the website are completed and have been correctly sized. I have designed the front of 6 business/post cards and have just spent HOURS (that felt like eons) drawing and colouring in some more text for business/post cards. GAH. Oh, the pain of my misshapen, claw-like hand. I may never hold a pen again.

The *still-to-do* list grows though, I need to scan in the stuff I've just drawn, do an avatar, sort out the facebook page, as well as, ya know, do some ACTUAL WRITING for the first time in WEEKS (eons).

Lots of capitals in this post. Lots of EMPHASIS. I am in the mood to emphasise. I cannot emphasise enough. Indeed.

Feeling bad I haven't actually written parts of my actual stories for what must be a few weeks now. I did a bit, but then got cross and ripped it out and tore it up and since then... gah. This website thing is stressing me out, it's such a mountain to climb, I feel like I can't actually do anything that isn't getting the website off the ground because if I don't it will never get done. I seem to have missed the point that I need to finish writing stuff for it before I can launch it, but hey, try telling me that, I won't listen!

Hopefully set to start building the website (a presumably long and weary process) over the next week or so. I'm told that once I get the basic layout for all the pages done, it'll be a lot easier and quicker, so yay for that!

As far as the stories go, once I get back into it it should be ok, I mean I know what's guna happen in them so it's a matter of figuring out the minutiae and just writing the damned things. As far as websitery goes the Xmas deadline is well on target, but the first draft of the novel is... unlikely. Damn the full time job I have to go to in order to finance this! Oh well, I'm feeling pretty proud of how much I've done tonight, so onwards and upwards and whatnot.

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