Sunday, 27 September 2009

Websitey things

Yeah yeah so all I ever do is go on about the website. I'm a website BORE. Well, hopefully not for too much longer! It's pretty much almost nearly done! Yay! I've put it all together on dreamweaver, it works (yay) and all it's waiting for is two stories I haven't finished yet and a re-jigged chapter one of TEH BIG STOREH. And I am going to start working on those things this evening. Sort of now, really. So that's all very exciting. Feeling a lot better about it all now.

In other news , mostly to show I do other things than go to work and talk about my website, I went to my first ever gig yesterday. It was a weird mix of indie stuff, weird stuff and thrashy metally stuff. It was really good! It wasn't heaving, but there were five different acts on and I pretty much blanket liked them all. My faves were White on White (who gave me two free CDs, yay!) and Nightvision, who everyone knows are awesome. They were the highlight of the night and there was loads of headbanging. I think it's a sign that I'm an outsider to the whole metal scene that I find several people headbanging next to each other funny. And that I find it even funnier watching burly men headbanging into the centre of a circle they've created by linking arms. Is it wrong I hoped they'd crack heads?

I got trampled by groupies despite their being loads of room (there weren't many people there) and come ON, an apology and STOPPING DOING IT would've been nice...
But I'm starting to sound bitter (rather than just squashed and trodden on) and it really was loads of fun.

So back on to my hobby horse, hopefully the site will be finished soon, I've given myself a deadline of the end of October to finish it, which is do-able, I reckon. That means after that I have less than two months to meet the *TEH BIG STOREH first draft finished by Xmas* deadline. Which is distinctly less do-able... I'm extending it to the end of the year and crossing my fingers...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Things I've done.

It has been ages (literally, decades or eons or something) since I did a non-i-phone blog entry. And typing is SO MUCH EASIER on a keyboard than a phone, even if it IS qwerty.

Well, I did a bunch of stuff. All images for the website are completed and have been correctly sized. I have designed the front of 6 business/post cards and have just spent HOURS (that felt like eons) drawing and colouring in some more text for business/post cards. GAH. Oh, the pain of my misshapen, claw-like hand. I may never hold a pen again.

The *still-to-do* list grows though, I need to scan in the stuff I've just drawn, do an avatar, sort out the facebook page, as well as, ya know, do some ACTUAL WRITING for the first time in WEEKS (eons).

Lots of capitals in this post. Lots of EMPHASIS. I am in the mood to emphasise. I cannot emphasise enough. Indeed.

Feeling bad I haven't actually written parts of my actual stories for what must be a few weeks now. I did a bit, but then got cross and ripped it out and tore it up and since then... gah. This website thing is stressing me out, it's such a mountain to climb, I feel like I can't actually do anything that isn't getting the website off the ground because if I don't it will never get done. I seem to have missed the point that I need to finish writing stuff for it before I can launch it, but hey, try telling me that, I won't listen!

Hopefully set to start building the website (a presumably long and weary process) over the next week or so. I'm told that once I get the basic layout for all the pages done, it'll be a lot easier and quicker, so yay for that!

As far as the stories go, once I get back into it it should be ok, I mean I know what's guna happen in them so it's a matter of figuring out the minutiae and just writing the damned things. As far as websitery goes the Xmas deadline is well on target, but the first draft of the novel is... unlikely. Damn the full time job I have to go to in order to finance this! Oh well, I'm feeling pretty proud of how much I've done tonight, so onwards and upwards and whatnot.

Monday, 14 September 2009


Well! I tweeted (yes, tweeted -get me!) at some point last weekend that I was too ashamed and embarassed to blog because I didn't really have anything to blog about. Yeah, I'd been doing little bits of work here and there but nothing that really amounted to anything. Well.

On Sunday I spent the afternoon working on illustrations and links for the website, and before I knew it they were all done! Sure, they need cropping and jpeg-ing and saving and organising and whatnot, but the actual hard thinky bit it is all done! It would seem that the little bits here and there added up without me realising and yeah, shazam, tis done! Website-wise nothing will be actually going online for a good while yet. Being as I am almost completely HTML-illiterate, I can do nothing without N's help and the schedule isn't clear until mid next week. This does however give me over a week to proof everything and hopefully get a bit nearer finishing two more shorts and planning teh big storeh.

So it's all very exciting! Also in the pipeline is designing business cards and postcards to send out when I start promoting, but I'm already stuck on what to put on them. How do you sell yourself without sounding like a smug idiot? Answers on a freshly designed postcard...

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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Excited midweek post

O my, I am all exuberant and happy! I just saw Julie&Julia, and it was fab! It was just so lovely and inspiring and it made me feel like the whole writer goal thing was actually achievable.

My friend got free tickets to a preview of it and kindly invited me along. It was awesome! I don't just wana go on a rant about it, and the only follower I have is about to get an earful of all this anyway! But suffice to say, I feel inspired, and I feel capable, and I feel hopeful.

Yay for a midweek boost!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Links and whatnot

Another week, another bit of stuff gets done, and I still have an ENORMOUS mountain to climb before I'm even ready to start putting the site together. This week, however, I am happily at the foot of a slightly smaller mountain:) I've done all the lettering I need (for now) for links and titles and things. Every story is going to have a hand-drawn starting letter and I haven't done that yet, but other than that, all that still needs doing is the illustrations. I've done one already which I'm pretty pleased with (see end of blog for preview) and hopefully the others will run as smoothly. Other than that, all that remains is to do more writing!

In other news, I graduate tomorrow, so there's that university malarky over and done with! Here's looking forward to a fun-filled week next week, and plenty of work getting done!

Yours hopefully,
Miss H, Ba (Hons) :p

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