Saturday, 8 August 2009


Well it is Saturday and as such must be blog time (hurrah!). But frankly it feels like far too early in the morning to be blogging anything. I know I say this all the time (broken record) but work is bloody tiring!

Er writing update-wise I can't remember what I wrote last week... *checks* ah yes!

Well since then domain name is bought, loose ends on two shorts tied up and finished, started a new one, planned (a bit) my next five shorts but alas and alack, no real planning on Teh Big Storeh:( It sounds like I've done quite a bit but I really haven't. None of that stuff took very long and oh dear.... I have just realised all my blog ever amounts to is me moaning about not having done enough work..

Wel, tis the weekend now so no excuses!

In other news the meal was delish last weekend and both myself and N highly reccomend Crust in Lincoln. It's always nice to go somewhere a bit alternative...

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