Saturday, 1 August 2009


Do you know, I have been using my iPhone for worky things.

I did some research on it, I wrote some notes on it, and yesterday, on my lunch hour I edited and retyped on it. <3 I think it's love...

In other news, I'm going to try and finally pull some things together. I shall hopefully neatly finish 2 shorts today, begin to plan a third, plan some more on Teh Big Storeh, and I have already started planning blogsite layout (need to buy domain name) and thinking how many pics I will need to commission, sharpish. This feels good, this feels like progress, this feels (unlike it has previously, in more depressed moments) as if my Christmas deadline isn't laughably stupid. It sort of is since part of me wants to entirely re-write the 14,000 words I already have of Teh Big Storeh, draft one. I think I will. Hence why I need a plan, more than a vague idea and a previous plan...

Going out for dinner tonight (need to book restaurant) and about town this afternoon, walking and so on, buying parents birthday presents etc etc. The weekends and evenings mean so much when they're the only time you can call your own.

Hurray for Saturday!

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