Monday, 31 August 2009

Actual Happenings

Unusually, things have actually been happening with the whole "I wana be a writer" thing, and still more unusually, it is ACTUAL things rather than things in my head. Yes, things.

So many things in fact that I was almost going to do an emergency midweek blog. I decided against it but then forgot to blog all weekend until right at the end of the bank holiday :s my bad. But on with the things! I have a new logo, v exciting! Had an about turn on the site recently, completely replanned it which has seen me deciding to do all illustrations etc myself. It's going to be largely (if not entirely) black and white, and very big on hand drawn text. I love hand drawn text. I love drawing text. Yay!

So anyway, after much umming and aahing and pondering and worrying for about a fortnight, I have finally done my header, my first illustration, a business card design, and half of my links. Much black ink has been used!

It's taking forever and I must be what, 15% up the website mountain, and feeling like I can't really justify writing again until it's ready to launch. This is all somewhat disheartening, particularly since the lovely N has redone his website almost entirely in a matter of days! That said, now I know what I'm doing with it, and it's just a matter of sitting down and getting on with it, it's an enormous weight off my mind!

So watch this space, basically. Website is on target, and as such so is the launch of the corresponding facebook page, business cards, and all other promotional whatnots. Only thing I'm behind with now is Teh Big Storeh. Eep! My Christmas deadline for that is looking slightly unlikely.... But I shall prevail! Hopefully!

I leave you with a sneak peek of the new header, enjoy:)

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Sunday, 23 August 2009


It's all change at the moment in camp MissHwrites what with the websiteryness that's been going on. Shame about the distinct lack of writing, by gosh, but I say that every week.

This week has been considerably taken up with website overhaul rethink whatnot and I am considerably happier with what's going on with it now, and am in line to get the site underway in the next few weeks. To be honest it's been worrying me that I've got no actual Thing to show for the work I've been doing and so getting something out there will just be such a weight off my mind. As such the site is very much number one priority at the moment. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Not too much, really

Yeah, another week another blog, not too much to report, alas! God, I'm always so tired! Done a few stories, bit of website plannery, not too much, nothing finished or completed which makes it seem like iv done even less than the small amount iv actually done! Which has been typing stuff up, mostly.

One week is blurring into another at the moment, usual problems of not enough sleep and what have you, but hopefully things will sort themselves out soon and I'll get into more of a work-then-write routine. Fingers crossed!

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Saturday, 8 August 2009


Well it is Saturday and as such must be blog time (hurrah!). But frankly it feels like far too early in the morning to be blogging anything. I know I say this all the time (broken record) but work is bloody tiring!

Er writing update-wise I can't remember what I wrote last week... *checks* ah yes!

Well since then domain name is bought, loose ends on two shorts tied up and finished, started a new one, planned (a bit) my next five shorts but alas and alack, no real planning on Teh Big Storeh:( It sounds like I've done quite a bit but I really haven't. None of that stuff took very long and oh dear.... I have just realised all my blog ever amounts to is me moaning about not having done enough work..

Wel, tis the weekend now so no excuses!

In other news the meal was delish last weekend and both myself and N highly reccomend Crust in Lincoln. It's always nice to go somewhere a bit alternative...

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Saturday, 1 August 2009


Do you know, I have been using my iPhone for worky things.

I did some research on it, I wrote some notes on it, and yesterday, on my lunch hour I edited and retyped on it. <3 I think it's love...

In other news, I'm going to try and finally pull some things together. I shall hopefully neatly finish 2 shorts today, begin to plan a third, plan some more on Teh Big Storeh, and I have already started planning blogsite layout (need to buy domain name) and thinking how many pics I will need to commission, sharpish. This feels good, this feels like progress, this feels (unlike it has previously, in more depressed moments) as if my Christmas deadline isn't laughably stupid. It sort of is since part of me wants to entirely re-write the 14,000 words I already have of Teh Big Storeh, draft one. I think I will. Hence why I need a plan, more than a vague idea and a previous plan...

Going out for dinner tonight (need to book restaurant) and about town this afternoon, walking and so on, buying parents birthday presents etc etc. The weekends and evenings mean so much when they're the only time you can call your own.

Hurray for Saturday!