Saturday, 11 July 2009

Some stuff

Some stuff: it's my birthday. woo.

Other stuff: I start work on Monday... yay for getting paid!

Some other stuff: I've done some sort of actual work. A bit of drawing here and there, and OH GOOD HEAVENS, had a major, MAJOR breakthrough in the plot of TEH BIG STOREH (as I think I shall now refer to it by). It's nice cos I've been worried about this, but finally I have a sort of secondary plot THING which makes it more of a well rounded... THING. Yes, I'm really working the English language hard today...

Er, other other stuff: I have set myself a deadline, and if I put it up here, I have, HAVE to meet it... I want the blogsite (schmogsite) up and running, with stories and illustrations on it by XMAS... which sounds like a long time but I'm including my TEH BIG STOREH in it, current length 14,000 words, I want at least my first draft done by then.... eep. Well that's.... 5 months 2 weeks... better get started then!

But first, because it's my birthday, I'm going to the pub :)

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