Sunday, 14 June 2009

So it begins

I had a blog before, but I got sick of it, mainly cos it consisted almost entirely of rubbish.
Now I have a blog again, which is a bit exciting.

Starting, and doing the first post is hard, I don't know what to put in and what to leave out.
So here are the basics:

I've just finished Uni
I'm looking for a job
(but really I'd like to be a writer)

The plan is iv got a blog and a facebook and a twitter and now I want a websiteXD hehe covering all the bases there!

Been writing short stories, or trying to -
a) because they're nice to do and
b) so I've a larger body of work to show for my time rather than just concentrating on THE BIG ONE, a full length novel I've been trying to write for almost a year.

The blog and website will hopefully tie in, there's guna end up (hopefully) being some pretty pictures on here as well, so the illustration degree wont have been a complete waste!

Not sure how I'm guna work this re: putting up stories though, they will hopefully be on the website, if I end up with one, or I could put them on the blog when they're finished.... HURRAH for disorganisation!

But yeh, stay tuned, hopefully....

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