Friday, 26 June 2009


Well, People's Friend isn't my friend any more! (Hurrah for puns!) They didn't like the story I sent them but to be honest, it would have been too easy to just send off something I had in stock and have them like it, when it wasn't originally aimed at them. We live we learn!

It's all a little bit depressing on the career front at the moment, in more ways than that one. I've had my job interview but won't hear until next week whether I've got it. Regardless of how well it seemed to go, I'm kind of convinced I haven't got it. Hmm, not the best attitude to have perhaps but you can't help how you feel!

Well this is a rather sombre post, but in happier news, I've been writing a little more - not so much as I should, I don't think, but still, I'm currently happy with what I've done. Need to plan more, figure out what to do with myself in the imminent etc etc. Reckon I'll put up a story on here shortly so I can start compiling a bit of a portfolio, so stay tuned!

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