Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Ooh, isn't it glossy?

I was thumbing through Vogue earlier, and isn't it glossy? I've never really thought about it before but the pages are SUPER glossy. Bit of a thin issue this month, but there was an adorably cute ad for Miss Dior perfume, which more than made up for it in my opinion XD

I entered the Vogue young writer competition this year, got a letter the other week back saying I hadn't made it through to the next round, which didn't really surprise me. There must be such an overwhelming response to it and before then I'd never really written any remotely journalistic articles before. I don't know if what I wrote was decent or not, might post it up later, it was all rather colloquial and maybe a bit too chatty. Well, we live we learn!

Been researching submitting to short story mags, I think I need a few 3000 word female orientated feel-good stories. I've got one at the moment, but it's kinda... male orientated but aimed at a female audience... so I duno if that'd be suitable *bangs head against wall*

It feels a bit stupid to be blogging about writing this and that when there's nothing up here to actually show I've ever written anything at all. I'm getting impatient but I want the blogsite (hell yeh, it's a website that's a blog.... I'm not entirely sure that word will catch on, woe!) to look pretty and I'm trying to write more shorts so I've something of a portfolio.

At the moment I've got a 75,000 word novel I wrote 2 years ago which I never want any one to see, ever, 2 complete short stories, half a dozen incomplete ones, and about 15,000 words of a novel I've been planning for the past two years. Doesn't seem like much, depressingly. It sounds like a cop out but for two and a half of the past three years I've been kidding myself I wanted to be an illustrator. It's always been art or books in my life, and I picked the wrong one! But on the plus side, I'm guna decorate this blog something silly haha. Dear N has promised to help me with the trickier formatting (ie that which isn't spelt out for me by blogger), but don't hold your breath for it looking professional, and dare I say, glossy, any time soon...

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