Friday, 26 June 2009


Well, People's Friend isn't my friend any more! (Hurrah for puns!) They didn't like the story I sent them but to be honest, it would have been too easy to just send off something I had in stock and have them like it, when it wasn't originally aimed at them. We live we learn!

It's all a little bit depressing on the career front at the moment, in more ways than that one. I've had my job interview but won't hear until next week whether I've got it. Regardless of how well it seemed to go, I'm kind of convinced I haven't got it. Hmm, not the best attitude to have perhaps but you can't help how you feel!

Well this is a rather sombre post, but in happier news, I've been writing a little more - not so much as I should, I don't think, but still, I'm currently happy with what I've done. Need to plan more, figure out what to do with myself in the imminent etc etc. Reckon I'll put up a story on here shortly so I can start compiling a bit of a portfolio, so stay tuned!

Monday, 22 June 2009

ACTUAL work...

Well I've spent the weekend THINKING about work, which is all well and good but not a lot of ACTUAL work has been done...

That said, I have actually done some writing (woo). I started two shorts, one of which I abandoned early (for now at least) cos I realised it was crap... But the other one has, I feel, got a good stout pair of legs on it. I started it as aimed at the sort of women's short story magazine market, but now I've almost come to the central point of it, I'm kinda thinking it could go two ways... So I'm guna write two versions. The original idea, which, if I like it, I can send off to mags, and the new idea which, if I like that too, I'll put up here.

I'm finding it hard to settle down and get on with work at the moment, I don't really know why, guess it's just one of those things that happens some times. I've also been marginally working on what I'm guna call prettying up the blog, but again, just thinking and planning at this stage, nothing concrete.

Enough typing for now, I've just got an enormous scratch on my hand from the damned cat and it hurts to type!

Friday, 19 June 2009


You know that stuff they say about time being a great healer? Well I'm not depressed anymore, so in this case it's all true! Depression is a weird thing, it creeps up on you, often when you least expect or need it. Especially when you least need it...

My more buoyant mood may be attributed to, among other things, the fact that I'm writing again. But on the other hand, I might be writing again cos I'm in a better mood... swings and roundabouts I guess.

Other contributing factors are probably my job interview on Wednesday!! I have to say I'm not overly hopeful, but despite my lack of conviction that I'll get it, the fact I have an interview at all is something of a boost.

I sent a story off to People's Friend yesterday... fingers crossed!!! Have decided to proceed thusly:

  1. Write target-specific short stories aimed at a woman's fiction market.
  2. Write a plethora (nice use of plethora) of short stories that aren't necessarily aimed at women, for blogsite use (yup, I'm persevering with blogsite)
  3. Think of more plans for my list...

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I'm depressed *shakes fist at life*

Realised that what with all the planning and researching, I haven't actually done any writing for quite a few days now. WOE! So I got down to it and... nothing. Writer's block, whatever, I've got ideas but nothing that felt right for today. I don't know, keep trying I guess.

In happier news I'm submitting a story to People's Friend! I duno if they'll like it or not but I figure it's got to be worth a shot!

I'm STILL applying for jobs but nothing yet, I've been looking for over a month now and that's kinda depressing me too. Oh well, things can only get better... maybe....

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Ooh, isn't it glossy?

I was thumbing through Vogue earlier, and isn't it glossy? I've never really thought about it before but the pages are SUPER glossy. Bit of a thin issue this month, but there was an adorably cute ad for Miss Dior perfume, which more than made up for it in my opinion XD

I entered the Vogue young writer competition this year, got a letter the other week back saying I hadn't made it through to the next round, which didn't really surprise me. There must be such an overwhelming response to it and before then I'd never really written any remotely journalistic articles before. I don't know if what I wrote was decent or not, might post it up later, it was all rather colloquial and maybe a bit too chatty. Well, we live we learn!

Been researching submitting to short story mags, I think I need a few 3000 word female orientated feel-good stories. I've got one at the moment, but it's kinda... male orientated but aimed at a female audience... so I duno if that'd be suitable *bangs head against wall*

It feels a bit stupid to be blogging about writing this and that when there's nothing up here to actually show I've ever written anything at all. I'm getting impatient but I want the blogsite (hell yeh, it's a website that's a blog.... I'm not entirely sure that word will catch on, woe!) to look pretty and I'm trying to write more shorts so I've something of a portfolio.

At the moment I've got a 75,000 word novel I wrote 2 years ago which I never want any one to see, ever, 2 complete short stories, half a dozen incomplete ones, and about 15,000 words of a novel I've been planning for the past two years. Doesn't seem like much, depressingly. It sounds like a cop out but for two and a half of the past three years I've been kidding myself I wanted to be an illustrator. It's always been art or books in my life, and I picked the wrong one! But on the plus side, I'm guna decorate this blog something silly haha. Dear N has promised to help me with the trickier formatting (ie that which isn't spelt out for me by blogger), but don't hold your breath for it looking professional, and dare I say, glossy, any time soon...

Monday, 15 June 2009

Castles in the air

Well, I'm still looking for jobs (I wish I was Steve Jobs). It's been over a month now and I've had one interview, which wasn't really an interview - the lady talked at me for 20 minutes then said my personality wasn't shining through enough... *bangs head against wall*

On a writing front (hurrah) I am full of ideas and happiness and plans, the blog will be prettied up, not having a website any more, it's all in motion, now the hard bit - I actually need to DO IT!

In other authorial news I bought a few short story mags and I'm planning on submitting to them, they must have a reasonably high turnover of authors, and to have my work in print would be amazing! But I'm just building castles in the air at the moment, must write more!

I like going out for meals, it is NICE to go out for meals in good company and eat nice things! Now I just need a job so going out for a meal last night isn't the last time I can afford to....

Sunday, 14 June 2009

So it begins

I had a blog before, but I got sick of it, mainly cos it consisted almost entirely of rubbish.
Now I have a blog again, which is a bit exciting.

Starting, and doing the first post is hard, I don't know what to put in and what to leave out.
So here are the basics:

I've just finished Uni
I'm looking for a job
(but really I'd like to be a writer)

The plan is iv got a blog and a facebook and a twitter and now I want a websiteXD hehe covering all the bases there!

Been writing short stories, or trying to -
a) because they're nice to do and
b) so I've a larger body of work to show for my time rather than just concentrating on THE BIG ONE, a full length novel I've been trying to write for almost a year.

The blog and website will hopefully tie in, there's guna end up (hopefully) being some pretty pictures on here as well, so the illustration degree wont have been a complete waste!

Not sure how I'm guna work this re: putting up stories though, they will hopefully be on the website, if I end up with one, or I could put them on the blog when they're finished.... HURRAH for disorganisation!

But yeh, stay tuned, hopefully....